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Mark is available for a select number of speaking engagements throughout the year. If your organization is interested in requesting him for a live presentation, please see the list of topics below for sessions he has done in the past. If there is something specific you would like to request, please put it in writing for consideration.

Contact Mark with your dates and event description.


Personal Growth Plan

When leaders are stagnant in their growth it won't be long until the team begins to become unstable. It is critical for leaders to have intentional growth plans and a strategy to invest in those they are leading. This practical workshop will help leaders set a direction for their own personal growth and their ministry.

The currency of today is Ideas. Ideas are generated when we get creative. And creative ideas can happen anywhere and out of the blue. Learn effective ways to harness and generate creativity even if you feel “creativity challenged.”

Parent-Led Teams

What do you need more than another parenting class? A "Parent Led Team." Discover powerful principles
when your church fully supports the strategy of a parent led team in raising children to become mature Christian adults in
today's world

Parenting a Hero

83% of Christian parents believe the the responsibility for their child's spiritual growth lies with them. Yet, many
are not confident in the skills they possess to be successful. Every Bible hero had parents… what can we learn from them
that will impact how we help parents gain confidence in raising their own child to do have heroic faith.

Who Are These Kids Anyway?

A lot has been written about existing generations. We know about Gen Xers, Busters, Boomers, and Millennials. But what about the generation that has come after this group? What is known about them, and how does their current realities and trends impact the church? This session will help you scratch the surface of this very unique generation.

Unleashing Creativity

Part 1: Ideas are generated when we get creative. Yet teams often fall into basic traps and fall short of truly unleashing their creativity. Discover practical rules that will help your team truly be creative. Creative ideas can happen anywhere and out of the blue. Even the most "creatively challenged" can participate when they understand these rules.

Part 2: Ideas without implementation are useless. Teams that are great a dreaming but not able to execute need to understand how to develop the plan and strategy. These time-tested principles will help even busy teams accomplish great things together.

Unders of Leadership

Discover some of the most underdeveloped and underutilized traits of leaders. When these traits are put on cruise control teams will begin to struggle to move forward. However, when these traits are addressed by the leader, the team can begin moving ahead with efficiency and accomplishing something great together.

8 Seconds with Influence

It's been said that leadership is Influence. That often translates to the misconception that leaders need to be fully in-charge and the conditions need to be perfect. Learn from individuals in the Scripture who led well even though their surroundings were far less than ideal.

Running on Empty

Time is the great equalizer. How we choose to manage that time makes all the difference. Discover time-tested principles that help people get more done in less time while eliminating the chaos that often fills the mind.


Who Is Mark?

Mark is the Senior Director of Children's Ministry for the Assemblies of God and My Healthy Church. He leads an amazing team focused on helping kids experience spirit-empowered, full-life transformation. He lives near Springfield, MO with his wife and two boys.


Pioneer & Connector: I paint pictures of what is possible & inspire others to pursue the best ideas.


Achiever, Strategic, Self-Assurance, Learner, Responsibility


Innovation, Power [read more...]

Short Bio

Mark is a graduate of Central Bible College in Springfield, MO with a degree in Theology and Youth Ministry. He's spent six and a half years in local church ministry, eight years as a district leader for the South Dakota Assemblies of God, and currently fills the role of Senior Director of Children's Ministry for the Assemblies of God and My Healthy Church.

Long Bio

Mark is a 4th Generation Assemblies of God minister. His first memory of doing ministry is serving as a bus captain as a boy in the church. After hearing the call of God to take the Gospel to the next generation, he enrolled in Central Bible College in Springfield, MO where he met his wife. After graduation they moved to Rapid City, SD as youth pastors, but quickly learned there was more that God had called them to. During their six and a half years at this church they grew the youth ministry, oversaw children's ministry and Sunday School, led worship, directed the choir, and anything else that was needed.

In early 2003 they were invited to join the district ministry team to oversee the youth ministry and discipleship as well as grow and emphasize the role of children's ministry within the church. During those eight years they saw growth and strength come to all aspects of their ministry.

Mark distinctly remembers the Holy Spirit speaking to him to be a part of the journey when he heard about a transition in children's ministry leadership at the Assemblies of God national office. Little did he know at that time the journey would include relocating the family and becoming the Senior Director of Children's Ministry.

His vision for children's ministry is that parents and leaders will both be dissatisfied with status quo and do whatever it takes to help kids grab ahold of their faith as a child and retain it until the day they die.

Education and Work

Bachelor of Theology and Youth Ministry, Central Bible College, 1996
Youth Pastor - First Assembly of God, Rapid City, South Dakota - 1996, 20013
District Youth, Children, Discipleship Director - South Dakota Assemblies of God - 2003, 2011
Senior Director of Children's Ministry - Assemblies of God/My Healthy Church - 2011 Present